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Colour Therapy - Gemini Beauty, Kent

Colour Therapy

What is Colour therapy?

Colour therapy has been practiced for thousands of years by ancient civilisations and has links with Ayurveda medicine. In China the internal organs are associated with different colours commonly known as Chakras.

This treatment can have a physical, physiological and psychological effect on one. Light influences human behaviour and helps to balance the body. By using 4 different coloured LED lights and pulses, colour therapy can stimulate the basic energy processes in the mitochondria of each cell. Light applied in the correct wavelength and frequency stimulates cell rejuvenation, strengthening the walls of capillaries which leads to improved oxygenation and detoxification. There is an increase in the skin’s ability to retain moisture and a general anti-ageing effect. Each of the four colours used in light therapy red, blue, green and yellow have different wave lengths and different molecular effect.

Possible benefits of colour therapy:

Physical effects

  • Warming – RED light
  • Cooling – BLUE light
  • Calming effect on allergies and acne sking – BLUE light
  • Antispasmodic effect on muscles – BLUE light
  • Relaxes muscles – GREEN light
  • Relieves redness – GREEN light
  • Helps fade skin discolouration – GREEN light
  • Helps to smooth skin – YELLOW light
  • Relieves inflammation – YELLOW light
  • Eases headaches and fevers – YELLOW light
  • Normalises sebum – YELLOW light
  • Anti-ageing – YELLOW light

Physiological effects

  • Promotes production of new collagen – YELLOW light
  • Increased blood flow and cell regeneration – RED light
  • Stimulates and improves functioning of immune, lymphatic, nervous and vascular systems – RED light
  • Reduces swelling – BLUE light
  • Helps elimination of toxins – BLUE light
  • Normalises sebum production – BLUE light
  • Speeds up lymph – GREEN light
  • Strengthens immune & endocrine systems – GREEN light
  • Blocks tyrosinase the enzyme that signals the production of melanin therefore can help freckles and
  • pigmentation fade – GREEN light
  • Improves memory functioning and ability to concentrate – YELLOW light

Psychological effects

  • Eases Insomnia – BLUE light
  • Helps with lifting depression – YELLOW light
  • Energising – RED light
  • Calms the emotions – GREEN light
  • Promotes creativity linked to the Heart Chakra – GREEN light
  • Facilitates understanding – BLUE light

Contra-indications to colour therapy

  • Photosensitive Epilepsy
  • Lupus
  • Pregnancy
  • Porphyria (genetic disorder which is affected by sunlight)
  • Albinism
  • Clients with a tendency towards psychological disorders
  • Eyes that are sensitive to phototoxicity
  • Using photosensitising medication, herbs e.g. St Johns Wort, Bergamot essential oil