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complementary therapy & training courses, based in Kent
Advanced Intensive Anti-ageing Facial - Gemini Beauty, Kent

Advanced Intensive Anti-ageing Facial

Combines either galvanic facial electrical or a non-surgical facial with a collagen intensive eye mask. This combination of treatments targets the fine lines around the eye area, rejuvenating the skin tissues, plumping up fine lines and creating an intensive treatment that visibly improves crow’s feet.

Benefits may include:

    • Relaxation of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Plumping up of fine lines
    • Lifting of sagging eyelids
    • Lifting of sagging muscles
    • Increased cell regeneration
    • Improved moisture retention
    • Revitalises skin tissues
    • Hydration of dry, dehydrated skin tissues
    • Improved oxygen levels
    • Deep cleansing
    • Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage which leads to a clearer and more revitalised


Advanced intensive anti-ageing facial galvanic and collagen eye treatment: £85
Advanced intensive anti-ageing facial non-surgical and collagen eye treatment: £85