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Waxing Treatments - Gemini Beauty, Kent

Waxing Treatments

This is a temporary method of hair removal that can be particularly effective for between 4 and 6 weeks, using organic honey wax which leaves the skin soft, smooth to the touch and hair free.

Warm wax is available for treating sensitive skins. It works at a low temperature and can be used on any area of the body.

Hot wax is suitable for under arm and bikini line waxing where hair growth may be coarse in texture. It opens the pores and allows a more comfortable removal of hair growth for clients.

Basic bikini wax

This treatment includes the removal of all hair escaping outside the pant line. This treatment creates a clean neat look and is ideal for someone experiencing their first time bikini wax.

Full bikini wax

This treatment creates a triangle area giving a deeper bikini-line by removing hair growth from both sides and top of the pant line.

Brazilian (warm or hot wax treatment)

This treatment includes the removal of hair from the pubic area leaving a strip of hair approximately 1 inch wide up and over the pubic mound.

Pre-Brazilian waxing information for clients

  • Prior to booking your appointment, please allow hairs to grow long enough to allow wax to adhere to them, if hair growth is too long the therapist will trim hair to correct length prior to waxing process. (If hairs too short treatment will not be successful).
  • Do not book your appointment at the time of your period; you are more sensitive at this time.
  • The day of your waxing treatment shower with warm water and exfoliate bikini area to encourage any in-growing hairs to the skin surface.

Post treatment advice following bikini waxing

  • Do not wear tight clothing for 24-48 hours, this can cause irritation and pimples
  • Do not have any heat treatments, sun beds, saunas for 48 hours, this can cause skin irritation and sensitivity
  • Do not have a hot shower for 24 hours this can cause irritation and pimples
  • Do not exercise for 24 hours this can cause irritation and pimples
  • Avoid using perfumed products for 48 hours, e.g. moisturiser, or cosmetic tanning this can cause irritation and infection
  • Do not touch the skin tissues in treatment area this can lead to infection
  • Apply antiseptic lotion in area for first 24 hours following treatment

Warm Wax
Full leg: from £30
Full leg & bikini: from £40
3/4 leg: from £25
1/2 leg: from £20 

Warm Wax Half leg and Basic Bikini £30 

Warm Wax Underarm: £13 Warm wax 

Warm Wax Basic Bikini:  £13 warm wax   
Warm Wax High leg bikini: £16 warm wax  
Warm Wax Forearm : £16 warm wax 


Warm Wax Upper lip or chin: £11.00
Warm Wax Eyebrows: from £10.00
Warm Wax Upper lip & chin: £16.00

Hot Wax
Underarm: £15.00

Hot Wax High leg Bikini :£18.00
Hot Wax Brazilian hot wax: strip   £35
Hot Wax Hollywood hot wax all hair removed :  £40