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Artificial Nail Treatment - Gemini Beauty, Kent

Artificial Nail Treatment

If you need something more than a manicure, artificial nail enhancements can be used to add length and shape to your own nails. Alternatively, if extra length is not required, natural overlay treatments will improve the appearance and condition of the nails. Both acrylic and gel systems can be used to suit your preference.

Corrective treatment is available for those whose nails need that extra bit of help. Also available a range of hand crafted nail art designs to make your nails unique for that special occasion. We only use NSI products for nail enhancements.

Artificial nail treatment (time varies between 60 and 90 mins depending on type of system and effect created): from £30-£40
Add extra length to your nails and choose from a Natural or French finish: £30-£35
Add extra length to your nails and highlight them with Acrylic with coloured or glitter tips (1 colour): £37 
Natural Overlay in Acrylic with Natural finish: £25
Natural Overlay in Acrylic with colour or glitter: £28

Safe Removal

It is important to have your enhancements removed approximately every 6-8 weeks. This is for a variety of reasons, namely to minimise and eliminate moisture build up under the nail plate, which therefore prevents infection and allows therapist to assess the natural nail. The condition of your natural nails can trigger alerts to underlying health problems in the early stages.

Whilst some discount salons will encourage nail enhancements to be maintained for some time before original set is removed, this is neglect of the natural nail and not considered safe practice. Gemini-Beauty recommends that nail enhancements are safely removed every 6-8 weeks. A new set can then be applied if required.

If you choose to remove your nail enhancements permanently it is important to have a manicure treatment to condition your nails.

Soak off: £18