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Beauty therapy,
electrolysis, advanced cosmetic procedures,
complementary therapy & training courses, based in Kent

Melanie George

I am the over the moon that I have discovered Angela. For the past five years, I have been quite bothered by three subcutaneous cysts- one on my face and two on my legs. I visited a dermatologist who told me that they needed to be cut out. This would have cost me a huge amount of money and I was warned that I would be left with scars. Angela treated my cysts successfully (no scaring) after only one session. More recently she successfully treated several thread veins on my nose- again in only one session. I had previously had these treated (by my dermatologist) using a laser but this caused significant bruising for several days and after five sessions, many of the veins were still present.

I have complete confidence in Angela. She is at the absolute top of her field, having written several academic papers and a course text book The Complete Guide to Electro – Epilation. She is professional but also very approachable and warm- this puts you instantly at ease and makes the visit relaxing.