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Beauty therapy,
electrolysis, advanced cosmetic procedures,
complementary therapy & training courses, based in Kent

Julie Marshall

I have to leave a testimonial as I am so pleased with the treatment I received from Angela. I had 3 blemishes on my face which I assumed were cherry angiomas. Angela clarified that 1 was a ‘spider nevis’, 2nd was a cherry Angioma but the largest was a Campbell de ‘something’. She advised cortorising which I agreed to.
I am thrilled with the results. She gave extremely valuable ‘aftercare’ advice and provided me with some gel to use for a month. Worth every penny, very reasonable. A ‘check up’ appointment also made in a month.
The marks on my face couldn’t be covered by make up. They have completely disappeared.
Not painful just a little uncomfortable.
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gemini Beauty. Thank you